I have been having a great passion towards Astrology from a very young age. Hence there is no surprise that I decided to make Astrology as my profession.

After completing my college education I took a plunge as an astrologer. Before that, I had my initial lessons on Astrology from my guru late Sri K Natarajan of Mettur (Salem District).

I am a veteran in the field of Astrology, with more than 2 decades of experience. I may also mention that I am absolutely true and devoted to my profession and as a result of that God has bestowed on me deep-rooted knowledge and great skill in reading horoscopes to advise my clients. I may also mention that my main traits as an Astro consultant are to advise my clients on “pariharams” for “ doshams” and also act as an Astro – Counselor in helping my clients to balance life during problematic days.

Over the years I have built up a wide client base and my spectrum of clients include top corporate executives leading doctors, Technocrats, and business magnets, celebrities in the field of cinema and television and the common man and spread not only in Chennai and neighbouring States but also abroad.

Taking note of my talent, India Today wanted me to contribute for their Tamil Version Star-Predictions on a weekly basis. I have also been contributing articles on astrology for special issues of another popular magazine “ Femina”.

Apart from being an astute Astro Consultant, I am also a qualified Gemmologist and my clients have an additional advantage of my wisdom in the field of gemstones if they want to wear stones to suit their stars.

Mr-Sundar-Narayanan Astrologer

S Sundar Narayanan

Astrologer & Gemologist

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