Rohini Rajaram from Chennai

Every person finds one single soul in his/ her life who would just enter and do some magic with his wand and changes the life of that person, such a person is Sundar Uncle to me. . 22 years of struggles and obstacles, when I met him few months back, the very next moment my life changed and now I can proudly boast that a life I am having right now can’t be taken or lived by anyone else. .. To be continued.

In both my professional and personal life, his values and beliefs were shared and incorporated by my family and now my parents, as well as me, are having one happy family. And with his blessings I am going to hold the hands of my better half, which is the turning point of my life and am looking forward to just keep thanking Sundar uncle for all that he has given to me and he is going to give me more and more. I just want to say one thing, he is another DAD to me. Thanks and please keep blessing me always.

Rohini Rajaram,


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