Mr. Kalyan Gopalan Experiences from Sundar Narayanan

Going through tough times is something which is not uncommon. It is this phase which determines our endurance and measures the distance of our tolerance and tenacity.

It is during this time we need to have a proper guidance from an astrology point of view and my stop at Mr. Sundar’s office at the most appropriate time was a turning point in my life. This came during the time when I was seeing sweeping changes in my career in rapid succession due to some critical decisions that I had to take from a family point of view.

Mr. Sundar’s prescription for turning the stars to reduce its negative influence really worked in my favour and I now have a lot of clarity in my approach. He continues to be a guiding pole.

He is very approachable, unlike other few astrologers whom I’ve met and is very friendly.

I would anytime recommend him to my friends / relatives.

 – Kalyan Gopalan

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