Mr. Lakshmi Narayanan & Mrs. Veena from Singapore

Veena & I have had the privilege of knowing Sundar from the time we got engaged and married in 2009. He is absolutely committed to his line of work and cares deeply for his clients / customers. He is a professional to the core, with an incredible work ethic.

He combines astute modern day life situation with relevance to the issue and doesn’t merely dole out advice for his customers, which are irrational or impractical. His advice or recommendation is more grounded towards practical reality rather than mere rhetoric or worthless superstition. Many a times, he has advised our family to ignore unnecessary requirements, which has come through other “professionals”.

More than anything, he has been an incredible family friend and has been of great help to our family, for both personal and professional reasons. We wish him more success and happiness, in his line of work. May god bless him!!!!

Lakshmi Narayanan & Veena

September 19th, 2015


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