Rajagopal Venkatakrishnan

My experience with Sundar…

When I was referred to meet with Sundar way back in late 2009, I took an appointment and went over to his office. I was hoping to look at someone typical of an astrologer “dhoti clad”, forehead smeared with “vibhuthi” and a large “sindoor”, and neck adorned with “rudrakshas”, “spadigams” and other gems/stones in various sizes, and last but not the least having a huge paunch on the stomach!!! I also expected his office to be packed with pictures of all Hindu Gods!!!

I never realized I was in for a surprise, rather a shock!!!

When I was ushered in…I met a guy…who looked young, fit, energetic…just like a smart professional executive in a MNC…and his office looked just like any executive cabin…he was actually operating a laptop…I almost thought, I was in the wrong place…

I introduced myself…and he acknowledged he was waiting for me…then, we started our session…I had planned for an half hour session, expecting to receive some high level findings on my star and planet positions…and some suggestions on conducting series of “parigarams!!!”

My first session with Sundar…lasted for almost two plus hours…no discussions on my star and planet positions…almost all of the discussions surrounded downloading of my life events, experiences, issues and concerns, confusions and insecurities, blah…blah…I actually felt the meeting was more like a session with a psychiatrist…(these days…I fondly refer him as “Dr. Sundar”)…I thought, poor guy, he has to go through all of this with me…suddenly, I became conscious I spoke most of the time…after intensely listening to all my outpours…Sundar, first analysed all of the positives in my life experiences…discussed little on the negatives…and pointed out how I was flawed in giving the negatives more importance…almost like an obsession…and how I just ignored the positives…without even realizing it…and then…it just hit me…the problem is me…myself…and not my star or planet positions…Sundar highlighted “destiny is far more powerful than freewill…and the purpose of understanding one’s star and planet positions must be and must only be to attain “Divine Grace”!!!”. He suggested some very simple measures…changing my mind set…to act positively…and more importantly, emphasized on the strengths of sincere prayers and how it scientifically enables you to confront your concerns and find solutions!!! At the end of it…I felt like I had a whole picture of myself, instead of just a part!!!

Needless to say, my first session is followed by several sessions over the years, and each time, I come out with more confidence!!! I have also referred Sundar to many others, and their experiences are similar to that of mine.

Sundar is a wonderfully insightful, warm hearted soul who understands what it is to be human in a way that makes life meaningful, it’s actually fun getting his wisdom!!! Sundar is incredibly gifted and he absolutely deserves all of the encouragement!!!

With lots of best wishes and prayers!!!


R. Venkatakrishnan
Director. ManpowerGroup Inc., Singapore

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