Sundararaman Lakshmanan

Astrologer Sri.S.Sundarnarayanan is our family friend, philosopher, guide and above all our well-wisher for nearly a decade now. My sister in law introduced him to us and on the first instant itself we have developed a kind of liking to each other which is mainly because of his simpleness, openness and friendly nature towards the people who visit him for astrological and horoscope consultations. I am not using the word CUSTOMER here because on the first instant itself customer becomes friend of Sundarnarayanan and from that day he takes care of us.

Every parent may need to consult an astrologer when they are in the age group 40-50 years to know about their health conditions, children’s education, higher studies, marriage etc. Sundarnarayanan doesn’t read our face or anxiety and tell, but he goes through the horoscope and tells the facts. He calls a SPADE , SPADE. There is a general opinion that people are afraid of going to astrologers for solutions because normally astrologers suggest some expensive ‘Parigarams’ which all may not be able to do. But this Astrologer Sundar Narayanan is different as he suggests simple Parigarams like visiting certain temples, reciting certain slogas or wearing particular stone in the form of Ring(mothiram) or chain. But the beauty is ,he never insists that he himself will prepare and give the Ring or chain and we should buy only from him. In my case when I was not able to get it from shops what he has suggested to me, he said that he will arrange to make it for me. Such a GEM of a person is Sundarnarayanan.

The horoscope predictions for my entire family, matching of horoscope for the marriages of my children, etc were done by him and things have happened in the exact way as predicted by him. For the past four or five years whenever my friends ask for any astrologer reference I used to tell one and the only name SUNDARNARAYANAN.

Appointment Bookings

Please note that official appointments and enquiries regarding the same are made only through WhatsApp messages.

Consultation Timings

Monday - Saturday
10.00am to 1.00pm
4.00pm to 7.00pm